With our IT Consulting services, Androbot llc is a virtual extension of our clients’businesses, helping them design, implement, and maintain a technology strategy which furthers their business goals.

To succeed today, our clients know that they need IT systems which compliment their business and add to their effeciency and profitability. Androbot llc provides IT Consulting services which help our clients achieve business growth and success by implementing tailor made solutions to their specific business requirements.

Androbot llc does more than just sell technology –we combine IT products and small business IT consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to your real business challenges. Our IT consulting services are perfectly suited for companies with less than 75 employees.

Multi-Vendor Solutions – We hand pick best-of-breed technologies and integrate them to create a fully customized IT solution to suit your business needs.

Technology and Business Perspectives – Unlike most IT providers, we view your business computer needs from both a technology and business perspective.

IT Consulting services include planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing IT support.

Weather you’re establishing a new office, expanding your present one of upgrading your IT systems, we offer full service support. Don’t guess what equipment is right for your business. Let Androbot llc recommend the appropriate hardware & software solution to fits the needs of your business. We will take into account the current and feature needs of the business that is designed to scale if or when you need them.

Cabling Data & Telephone – We have partners that are able to provide any cabling that you may need.

Cabling Data & Telephone – We have partners that are able to provide any cabling that you may need.

Servers installation and repair – Streamline your IT system with server installation and support from Androbot llc.

Mobile Phone Support – Staying connected is important , we can offer you support for Apple IOS and Android device.

VOIP Business Phone Systems – We work with parters and can help you with support for phone systems such as Avaya, Nortel,Panasonic phone systems.

Mobile and Remote Access

Enterprise Wireless (wifi) Networks – We offer support and installation for any wireless needs that you may have.

PC’s, Laptops, Tablets – We can offer you help with installing and supporting your desktop, laptop or Tablets.

Enterprise Printers & Scanners – We work with providers that can help you with any of your needs for printers and scanners.

Firewalls, Security Appliances – We can provide installation,support for these devices such as Cisco, Checkpoint and Fortinet to name a few.

Routers & Switches – We can help you with your network and offer installation and support for routers and switches.

Robotics Software Development – We are developing software for personal robotics.

Dynamic, Scalable & Secure

Your business depends on numerous technologies to keep it running smoothly. But what if you could outsource all the stress this technology creates and enjoy only the benefits?  With Cloud solutions, you will get: Dynamic, Scalable, & Secure Cloud Computing. Cloud Solutions include powerful tools which increase productivity and efficiency and allow for increased collaboration These powerful solutions are always tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you are looking to harness the power of the internet and cloud in your business, Cloud Solutions are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Customized – Our Cloud Solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your business

Scalable – Our cloud capabilities and applications grow with your business

Cost-effective – Only pay for what you use, create efficiencies that save money

Mobile – Be connected to everything you need from any Internet-connected device anywhere in the world

Hosted Applications – Put your critical business applications in the cloud to make them easily accessible to your entire team from anywhere. data centers ensure the best security and reliability for your important data and applications

Web Hosting – Your business needs a website and your website needs a home. We work with partners that can offer you help with hosting and development for all your website needs